LP SmartSide DiamondKote manufacturing process

Diamond Kote® is expert on pre-finished built on LP® SmartSide® providing exterior siding with 30 years of No Fade warranty. Moreover, it offers 30 colours to choose from to make your favourite colour with endless possibilities. LP SmartSide from Diamond Kote is an engineered wood siding, which is treated using SmartGuard process to endure extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, freeze/thaw, and fungus and termite attack. It provides you with a great looking home for years to come and 5-50 year Limited warranty.

LP SmartSide Diamond Kote Combination

Combination of Diamond Kote with LP SmartSide is a marriage made in heavens as both compliments each other with their high quality and trustworthy material. Their combination will provide the following advantages:


Being NASA approved, LP SmartSide is strong and sturdy material that can withstand any kind of rocks, golf balls and baseballs.


SmartGuard processing of the siding make it resist any kind of decay, fungi and termites and it can endure in extreme environments.


LP SmartSide is designed in more realistic wooden textures and is manufactured in traditional lap siding, cedar shakes, decorative styles like scallops and much more.


LP SmartSide products are lighter than fibre cement making them easier to transport, carry and install. You do not need any special equipment to install them.


LP SmartSide is eco-friendly products that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®).

Manufacturing process of LP SmartSide Diamond Kote Products

Following steps are taken while manufacturing LP SmartSide products.

  • First Logs of wood are processed to get their barks peeled off them.
  • The wood is thenflaked into chips and it is ensured that they are all of same size and shape in order to get smooth, rigid and stable end product.
  • After coming out of wood chipper, they go through the drying process.
  • After taking out most of the moisture out of the chips, they are processed along with SmartGuard® which acts as a binder for the chips to bind together to get the LP SmartSide end-product.
  • During SmartGuard processing, they also go through wood preservative treatment, which is environment friendly, EPA registered wood preservative that will prevent termites, fungi and wood decay to damage the product, making your sidings long lasting and durable.
  • Now, the wooden strands along with the binding agent go through a press and are pressed into woven mats under intense heat. They are pressed in presence of heat and pressure to form 3/8 of inch thick mats of wooden planks.
  • LP SmartSide products take their wood like texture as they are pressed through the moulds that stamp that design on them.
  • Their pressing under intense heat and pressure makes LP SmartSide super sturdy and durable. They can be used as trimmings as well as the sidings.

LP SmartSide products prefinished with Diamond Kote in over 30 colours available to customise your home exteriors, is a smart choice to make. They are durable, sturdy and aesthetically appealing. So, whether you are renovating or building a new home for yourself, LP SmartSide Diamond Kote Products are going to provide you a guaranteed quality finishing.


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