LP Smartside Warranty

LP SmartSide products are state of the art sidings manufactured keeping higheststandards of quality and precision in mind. Coated with top grade Diamond Kote gives it lasting protection against weather conditions and foreign elements. Combination of LP SmartSide and Diamond Kote is match made in heavens giving you the best possible siding solution for your home exterior. What could be better than being provided with warranties by the industry giving you peace of mind and saving you from the hassles of repainting and repairing?

LP SmartSide Warranty

LP® SmartSide® is providing its valued customers with 5/50 Year Limited Warranty that comes with 5-year, 100% labour and replacement option and 50-Year Prorated Limited Warranty on its products. You get to live carefree for the next few decades. Life could not get any better than this, could it?

Warranty Presented by Diamond Kote® Pre-finishing

Diamond Kote’s Warranty limit speak volumes about the level of quality it has maintained to claim it. Diamond Kote Pre-finishing Limited Warranty is now 15/30 Years No-Fade Warranty. UV testing spanning over 12 years has proved that Diamond Kote’s colours will not fade within three deltas of the original colour.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is necessary to keep the beautiful and flawless outlook of your home fittings, with LP SmartSide sidings coated with superior quality Diamond Kote Pre-finishing. The periodical inspection of sidings is quite necessary to keep them in good condition and avoid any damage. Following routine check-ups should be conducted from time to time:

  • Any loose siding should be immediately re-fastened.
  • Any tree or bush touching the siding should be trimmed or cut to avoid moisture retention in the sidings due to contact with plants.
  • Any caulking that has become hard, cracked or lost its sealshould be replaced.
  • Any drainage that is in contact with the siding should not retain water due to any problem. Long-term contact with retained water can result in discoloration of the siding.
  • Avoid regular wetting of the siding; keep sprinklers away from the sidings, power wash should not be used to clean the siding as it may  result in discoloring of siding before time and shortening of the life of the finish.

Cleaning Process

To clean the sidings, great care should be taken in order to avoid any damage to the siding. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while washing the sidings.


Periodic washing of sidings should be conducted every 6 to 12 months in order to maintain the beautiful outlook of your home and the sidings.


Clean water, mild detergent and soft brush should be used always to avoid any streaking or damage and to avoid streaking even more, clean from bottom to top.


Harsh cleaners and abrasive solvents should be avoided at all cost to avoid damage to the paint or surface. If the dust is not coming off, it is most probably mildew or fungi.

Just by taking care of aforementioned things, you can maintain the quality of the sidings of your home and avoid hassles of early maintenance and repairs. All said, the warranty extended for Diamond Kote does not cover:

Discolouring due to Chalking

Peel and blister


Erosion and exposure of substrate


Discolour due to yellowing


Discolour due to unwarranted fade

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