Metal Roofing and 2017s Energy Star Tax Credit

Energy Star is name synonymous to voluntary energy efficiency movement and is dedicated to provide energy saving solutions to protect the environment. Established in 1992, it has been providing solutions to build energy efficient products, residential units and building across the nation.

How does Roofing Product Qualifies for Becoming Energy Star Rated?

The set standard for a Roofing product to qualify for Energy Star label is its ability to meet or exceed solar reflectance. For this, companies voluntarily sign an agreement with Energy Star called, PartnershipAgreement (PA), which allows Energy Star to put their logo on the roofing products packaging that, qualify for it.

Criteria for Being Energy Star Rated Roofing Product

Basically,three tests have been devised through which roofing product is tested for its Energy Star ratings.

  1. Solar Reflectivity (SR): It is the ability of the roofing material to reflect solar energy or sunlightoff its surface. SR values are rated from 0 to 1.0. At 0, the roofing material is absorbing all the sunlight, and value of 1.0 means the roofing surface is reflecting all the solar energy it is exposed to.
  2. Emissivity (EM): Emissivity is the ability of Roofing material to radiate the absorbed heathence lowering roofing temperature at faster rate in absence of sunlight.
  3. Solar Reflective Index (SRI): SRI is the value you get after calculating according to ASTM E using the values of SR and EM tests. Through this calculation, overall performance of the roof is calculated.

One way of meeting Energy Star standard of eco-friendly and energy efficient roofing material is through Cool Metal Roofing.


Cool Metal Roofing

Cool Metal Roof generally, is defined as a roof that that does not absorb solar energy and allows the surface temperature to remain lower.

A Cool Metal Roofing features high SR and EM values, which means its surface temperature is lower. This keeps the temperature controlled, keeps the living space cooler, and hence, curbs cooling energy consumption making it energy efficient.

According to studies conducted in this regards, it helps the consumers save 20% in their energy costs. This makes these products eco-friendly as well meeting the criteria of Energy Star standards.

One way of attaining the required rating is through Kynar 500 based pre-painted metal roof, which can be formulated with inorganic cool pigments, that enhances solar reflectance. These pigments are colourless so it does notaffect the original colour of the roof. This allows the darker colours to act like lightercolours as their reflectance value remains higher just like that of lighter coloured roof.

2017 Federal Tax Credits

By adopting above-mentionedmethods, you can easily get your metal roofing fall into Energy Star Standard and can qualify for Tax credit 2017 with 30% of cost. This tax credit is applicable to purchases made in 2017.

  • Tax credit for Solar Energy Systems is available at 30% through 31stDecember 2019.
  • Credit decreases to 26% for tax year 2020 lowering to 22% for tax year 2021 expiring the same year on December 31st.


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