Metal Roofing Now Vs. 50 Years Ago

Tin Roofing or metal roofing is considered one of the sturdiest, durable and long lasting materials available over the years for putting shelters over our heads. It is being used since 19th century to cover government offices, mansions and churchesin US. Along with tin; zinc, copper and iron have been used for this purpose as well, which has the life expectancy of over 100 years. This long lasting trait of metal has always made it popular among people living in different eras and has not lost its appeal even now.

First Use of Metal Roofing in US

Metal roofing essentially started in the 19thcentury. Before that, lead and copper were the only metals used. Even so, lead was used as protective flashing. The first known sheet iron was manufactured by the Revolutionary War financier, Robert Morris who owned a rolling mill near Trenton, New Jersey. He produced an iron sheet roof for his own Philadelphia mansion in 1794. Architect Benjamin H. Latrobe used iron sheet to replace the roof of ‘Nassau Hall’ of Princeton, which was devastated due to fire in 1802.

However, the proper patented corrugating of iron was done in England in 1829. This process stiffened the sheets of iron and increased its life span even though it was lightweight and was easy to install with reduced labor. Then, in 1834, an American architect William Strickland used corrugated iron to provide covering to his design for the market place in Philadelphia.

Tin Roofing

Tin plate iron or more commonly known as tin roofing was used in Canada in the 18th century but it was not introduced in America until later.  Thomas Jefferson was the first to use Standing Seam Tin Roof on ‘Monticello’. Other historic building that display tin roof is the Arc Street Meetinghouse in Philadelphia with tin shingles arranged in a herringbone pattern on a “piazza” roof.

After introduction of tin roof as a functional roofing option, there were lots of rolling mills that sprouted outthroughout the country and tin roofing got popular thanks to its low cost, light weight and low maintenance. In late 19th century, tin embossed shingles became popular among the population as it made interesting patterns.

Tin Roofing in the Modern Age

Tin roofing is a very popular roofing option loved by people around US and Canada. Tin roofing is generally a term used interchangeably with metal roofing, steel roofing or galvanized steel. Tin, originally is very rare material as Tin is an element like, zinc, copper etc. It was introduced as canning material, which later became hot favourite among rural DIYers who used to flatten it tomake tin shingles when they could not find anything else. After aluminium replaced tin for canning purpose, the DIY use of tin died out with it. Therefore, nowadays if someone refers to tin roofing, he is most probably referring to galvanized steel or aluminium material. Tin now, is only an element on Periodical Table used for scientific purposes; its building application is a thing of history.

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